Q: When do you meet for Youth Group?

A: We meet Tuesday nights @ 7pm and we end @ 9pm. JrHigh also meets as the Junction on Sunday Mornings during the Sermon.


Q: Are JrHigh & SrHigh together?

A: Yes & No. We are 2 ministries under 1 ministry umbrella. Our JrHigh ministry The Junction (grades 6-8) & SrHigh ministry Crossfire (grades 9-12) do a lot of their own things, but we do a lot of them together. Let me explain..... On Tuesday nights, we all gather for Crossfire (Youth Group), we listen to the sermon together, but in discussion JrHigh has their own tables and SrHigh has their own tables. So, we are all engaging God's Word together, but a Senior is not necessarily meeting with an 8th Grader. We have seen several youth impacted by the positive influence of the older youth and we don't want to take that away. So.... yes, JrHigh & SrHigh are together in some cases. AND no, they are not together in all cases. 2 ministries-1 ministry umbrella.


Q: What all do you do on Tuesday night?

A: Well.... a lot actually. There are several elements that take place during our time @ Crossfire on Tuesday nights.

1: Start Up: We have some time @ the begin where we play some "Get To Know You" games, or some mixers to get people interacting with each other.
2: The Tube: We also have some video/commercial that we watch every week to get the smiles up & going.
3: SCRIPTURE MEMORY: Every month we adopt a Memory Verse to learn. This verse is read each week and is usually the main theme of the current series.                                                                                                                                                                                                            4: PRAISE TIME: We have some of the best worship ever.                                                                                                                                      

5: SERMON: Each week we have a sermon that is part of a greater series.                                                                                                           

6: ANNOUNCEMENTS: Every week we try and keep the youth up to speed on everything going on within the life of the youth ministry and the life of UPC as a whole.


Q: Do you do anything for Scripture Memory?

A: Yes we do. Every month we adopt a Scripture passage to memorize through Tuesday night Crossfire. We choose a verse that ties in with the Sermon Series for that time.

Also, JrHigh adopts a specific Scripture Memory verse as part of the Sunday Gnosis club for their weekly study.


Q: Do you require Medical Release forms?

A: Yes we do. Every student must have a medical release form on file as well as a media release. We also require that they sign in at group so we have a record of who was in attendance each Tuesday. You can find the forms here.


Q: Do you do anything for Missions?

A: Absolutely! As a ministry of UPC, we are given many opportunities for missions. Some of these Missions are local and some are farther away. We are going to Peru in 2011 with the hopes of starting a partnership in Lima serving those in need.

Each month we also have a Operation Minister Project in our local area serving someone in the community. For more information please click here.


Q: Do you do anything fun?

A: Indubitably! When it's time to serve.... we serve (which is also fun). When it's time to have fun.... we have fun!! Every month we have some sort of monthly fellowship. We also have some major Events- such as All Nighters (Youth Lock-in at the church), Surf Camp (Huge well attended event), Luau, Theme nights, Pool Parties and so much more.

We believe we are here to meet Jesus & grow in a relationship with Him. We also believe that Jesus enjoyed life, and calls us to as well. Enjoying each other and providing a safe environment for youth to have fun is a big part of what we do here @ Crossfire.