Senior Pastor: Richard Elwell

/files/Images/Richard.jpgWe all want to live good lives. We make our choices, in life, based on what we think is best. The questions are, "Who knows what is right?" "What is truly best for us?" At University Park Church we are guided by the simple principle that God is smarter than we are. Since God wants what is best for us, we will do well if we gain his perspective and do things his way.

I want to take this time to invite you and your family to come and visit us here at University Park Church, and join us in a time of worship before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Come meet us here.


Youth Pastor: Ryan McCullough

/files/Photos/Worship Team Photos/Ryan.jpgOur youth is the future of our church, city, state, nation and in many cases the world. My desire is to lead our youth into outreach. This involves training them up to have a Biblical world view and then a desire to reach out to others as we are called to by the great commission.

To accomplish our goals, we create an atmosphere of fun and learning in a team setting. Through this we encourage community service, outreach ministries and in-reach to our church body. It is exciting to see our youth in action.




Worship Team

Our worship team is a group of talented members of our church body. Under the direct leadership of Ryan McCullough, they focus the attention of the congregation to the Lord, the one to which all praise is due. To accomplish this, they use a mix of revised hymns, newer contemporary Christian worship songs and some of Ryan's own compositions. Join us Sundays for a renewing time with the Lord our God followed by Pastor Richard's message as we continue to "Discover Truth Together".