Curiosity Cave


Focus: Exploring and discovering what is true about God and his creation.  Learning to seek, submit to and worship God.

Psalm 111:2 – Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them.



At University Park Church, babies first learn about the love of Jesus through the gentle arms, soothing words and playful hearts of the people who help in our nursery.  During Sunday service, our nurseries are staffed by parents and other people who are committed to your child.


Pre-School and Kindergarten

Each of these classes has a teacher and a mentor teacher that is committed to your child.

These teachers have a special place in their hearts for the children. They also understand the importance of imparting Bible truths to children in their formative years.  Our pre-school teachers help the children understand in age appropriate ways what it means to love and be loved by Jesus.  Our very own Gnosis curriculum is used in these classes.

Because we believe we are here to support parents in the spiritual training of their child we also send home a journal with the children.  The Gnosis journal helps to keep parents informed as to what is being taught and gives fun and interactive ways to reinforce the teaching throughout the week as a family.