Bible Based Life Training

Bible-Based Life Training is a series of Bible studies developed by Pastor Richard Elwell founded on the idea that God is smarter than we are and that in order to improve our lives we need to seek God's perspective and then choose to do things God's way.

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Armor of God

Armor of God

A study from Ephesians 6 that examines our spiritual battle and our means for becoming victorious.


1. Being Fully Armed

2. The Belt of Truth

3. The Breastplate of Righteousness

4. The Shoes of Peace

5. The Shield of Faith

6. The Helmet of Salvation

7. The Sword of the Spirit

8. Praying in the Spirit


Biblical EthicsBiblical Ethics


A study that helps to point out what our highest good is. Why are we hear on earth? What makes  some things good? What is the difference between apparent good and real good? How do we improve our moral state?










Building Stable Children

Building Stable Children In Unstable Times

A study that helps parents develop and implement a biblical philosophy of education with the goal of raising up children who are devoted to God and his truth.










Enduring Questions

Enduring Questions

A study that explores from a biblical point of view the important questions of life which theologians and philosophers have been discussing for millenniums.












Facing The SecularFacing The Secular


How should we as Christians Respond to secular culture? Are the lines being blurred?












Harmony In The Home

Harmony in the Home

A study that develops God's design for marriage and the family. What are the God given roles of a mother and a father?












Is The Bible ReliableIs the Bible Reliable?

A study that examines the content and veracity of Scripture. Is The Bible as reliable as people claim it to be?













Jesus the Living Word

An in-depth study of John 1:1-18 that uncovers the glorious nature and mission of Jesus.












Living The New Life

Living The New Life

What is Life in Christ? What does it mean to be made new?













Money Friend or Foe?

Money Friend or Foe

A study of the biblical principles of money management.













Our Thought Life

Our Thought Life

A study of how the thoughts we choose to think affect how we experience life and its ultimate outcome.












More Valuable Than Rubies

More Valuable than Rubies

A discipleship program by Marty Elwell for women who want to grow in their ability to live out the truth of the Bible in their homes and become a wife of noble character.










Noble Manhood

Noble Manhood

A study for men who want to learn and apply biblical principles of godly leadership.












Prayer Life

Prayer Life

A study of the essential and often overlooked necessity of prayer in experiencing an abundant, Christ-centered life.













S.O.S. I

A study of what motivates human behavior with the goal of overcoming harmful behavior.














A study of being filled and led by God's Spirit with the goal of growing in personal holiness.












The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

A study that examines the role and function of God's Spirit in the world and in the lives of believers.












The Pursuit of God's Favor

The Pursuit of God's Favor


A study that looks into finding God's favor. How do we please God? What do we do that finds favor with God?










Understanding Our Differences

Understanding Our Differences


A study that examines the variety of beliefs within Christianity.











Walking In Wisdom

Walking in Wisdom

A study of life management principles taken from the book of Proverbs.












What Is Christianity About?

What Is Christianity About?

A study on the basics of Christianity.